Investigations and Reviews

In-depth, non-disruptive investigations and reviews

Employment Law, regulation, and corporate governance standards often make it sensible for organisations to commission independent investigations or reviews of an issue. At Woodbury Hodge, our Investigations and Reviews team are highly experienced in conducting such reviews in a way that does not disrupt ‘the day job’, but which are in-depth, understanding of nuance, and courteous to everyone involved.

Expert advice on a range of issues

Issues we work on in this area range from allegations of bullying or sexual harassment through to breakdown in relationships at Board level, whistleblowing, procurement irregularities, and reviewing employment and corporate governance arrangements. We are often asked to conduct investigations and reviews by law firms who have advised their clients that they need an independent process.

Working with you to meet your needs

Woodbury Hodge’s approach to Investigations and Reviews is one that avoids disruption. You will need to simply provide a briefing on the issue (face-to-face or via telephone), and a point of contact in your team who can help us to access documents and key people.

Your Investigations and Reviews expert will work with your own policies and procedures, and will be flexible about timing and style of reporting to suit you. Our philosophy is that investigations and reviews of this kind are intended to explore and resolve problems, not to create them.

Our Investigations and Reviews experts will provide you with:

  • Clear and constructive advice
  • Attention to nuances, without sitting on the fence
  • Thorough briefings to help you understand our findings