Corporate Governance

Creating efficient solutions to support your decision-making

Organisations of all kinds are constantly under public scrutiny. Oversight of risks and the need for Boards to support and challenge management require strong yet efficient structures and systems to support sensible decisions and risk management. These need regular review and updating, and that is where Woodbury Hodge can help.

Helping you to identify and manage risks and opportunities

Woodbury Hodge specialise in providing Corporate Governance advice and support to smaller, often voluntary sector organisations who do not want, or cannot afford to maintain a large corporate governance bureaucracy, but want help in ensuring that their structures and systems enable them to identify and manage both risks and opportunities. This could involve reviewing constitutional arrangements generally or reviewing the effectiveness of a Board or its committee structure.

Ensuring your organisation runs smoothly and safely

You will be provided with a Corporate Governance review and necessary support that is tailored to meet your needs. We aim to help you realise that Corporate Governance is an ongoing, evolutionary change which will not disrupt existing audit trails or working relationships, but will ensure your organisation is able to run smoothly and safely.

Our Corporate Governance experts will provide you with:

  • Non-disruptive governance structures and systems
  • Cost-effective and tailored to suit you
  • Knowledgeable, scalable and pragmatic solutions