Commercial Law

Pragmatic and timely advice to aid negotiation

Every organisation deals with a crucial strategic transaction from time to time, whether it be an important new contract, or an opportunity to work in partnership with other organisations in a joint venture or alliance. In those situations, advice needs to be timely, pragmatic and designed to build and improve commercial relationships rather than to make them needlessly adversarial. Identifying what is important and what is not early on is key to success and to adopting a firm but fair approach to negotiation.

Clear and jargon-free advice

Your Woodbury Hodge Commercial Law expert will provide you with clear advice to navigate your way through complex and often life-changing transactions. In particular, we will support you with the formation, governance and dissolution of partnerships, joint ventures and alliances, and in developing clear and practically workable contracts for delivery of services, particularly in a public service context.

Upfront, transparent, and fair negotiating solutions

At Woodbury Hodge, we believe in clear and fair contracts which support the fundamentals of your commercial relationships, while avoiding the need to sweat over the small print. You will be provided with upfront, transparent, and fair negotiating advice. We are tough when you need us to be, but we never forget that contracts are usually the first step in building a working relationship, not a competition to see which party can confuse the other most effectively.

Our Commercial Law experts will provide you with:

  • Clear, jargon-free advice
  • Support with writing and negotiating contracts
  • Flexible and creative solutions